Hoppy Ambear

Hoppy Ambear

Our delicious new baby...

Amber beer

- What sort of hops it is brewed on

Motueka, Mosaic and Hallertauer Nugget hops

- Why we brewed it

Hoppy Ambear is the new beer Hop Bottle Brewery is working on. We are brewing this beer with the idea to get a beer that can be enjoyed when the colder days are hitting us ("winter is coming"). It's a full rounded beer with a lot of aromas from the unconventional Motueka hop. Because of the combination of malts and a crazy hop mix, this beer is not only for just the winter... It can be combined perfectly with X-mas dinners, but mostly just enjoy it when you feel like it.


Label texst:

Hop Bottle Brewery...

“we are high on hops!”

At Hop Bottle brewery, we have

a high focus on the taste

development of our beers

and put our full devotion into

creating unique products.


Hoppy Ambear; our 2nd beer in line.

Our reason for brewing this one

is to present a beer that can

easily be enjoyed when the chillier

days hits us (winter is coming!).

It's a full, rounded beer packed

with a lot of aromas from

the unconventional Motueka hop.

Although the combination of

malts and the crazy mix of hops

will make it a treat outside

the winter season as well…

it´s the perfect blend to spice up the

darker days we are headed towards…

Stay “high on hops”.




Hop Bottle Brewery, Svendsgade 10 3.th DK-7100 Vejle, CVR: 38139932