Hop Men's IPA

Hop Men's IPA

Traditional American style IPA.

- What sort of hops it is brewed on

Amarillo, Columbus and Citra hops are used in this delicious IPA.

- Why we brewed it

Given the fact that both of us are crazy about the flavours of hops in beer, it just made sense to start our journey with this classic American IPA. From our perspective, the importance in creating a great IPA is to find the perfect balance between bitter and sweet. That’s also why we opted to throw into it some extra caramel malt for greater colour and taste.


Label texst:

Hop Bottle Brewery...

“we are high on hops!”

At Hop Bottle brewery, we have

a high focus on the taste

development of our beer

and put our full devotion into

creating unique products.


Did you know:

During the 18th century the

British empire tried to ship

‘normal’ beers to their colony

in India by sea, but repeatedly

failed, given the fact, that the

beer couldn't survive such long trips.

That was until an experimental

brewer by the name, Hodgson,

created an unusually high

hopped beer. This type of beer,

because of its large amount of

hops, were able stay fresh all the

way to India, and later became

known as the Indian Pale Ale (IPA).



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