Beauty & Beer

Beauty & Beer

Old school lager

- What sort of hops it is brewed on

Pacific Gem, Styrian Golding (Savinja) and Crystal

- Why we brewed it

Brewing this lager made us feel like standing with your bare feet in fresh cut grass when the first sunlight is showing its face in the beginning of the spring. You know that feeling? Beauty & Beer brings you back to what the craft brewers did about ten years ago. The taste and aroma comes pure out of the used hops. Nothing more, nothing less. The earthy and herbal with the hints of fruit notes as in blackberry, makes that this beer has power but yet the elegance. A beer to enjoy when you want something a bit lighter and refreshing. Cheers and Stay "high on hops"...


Label texst:

Hop Bottle Brewery...

“we are high on hops!”

At Hop Bottle brewery, we have

a high focus on the taste

development of our beer

and put our full devotion into

creating unique products.


The “chicks” are coming

out of their shell.

The trees are turning green.

The sky is cracking open in blue.

The cows are going muuu…

What is this new brew?


An old school lager.

that we add to the family!

Spring reminds us of

the notes of mother earth.

That’s why ground, herbs and

freshness where chosen

as the key elements

to this lager beer

Join us embracing the sun!

And remember...

Stay “high on hops”




Hop Bottle Brewery, Svendsgade 10 DK-7100 Vejle, CVR: 38139932