The Brewery

The Brewery

As we are just two young guys stepping into the mighty unsafe world of big beer business, we have decided to go for the safe and solid gypsy-brewing business model. A model which leads us clear of having to deal with investors or banks, and which gives us the ability to focus 150 % on creating honest and delicious beers.

Our choice of business model has led us to fulfill our dream in close collaboration with Randers/Raasted Bryghus. A collaboration we are deeply excited about!

Just established in the fall of ’16, we realize the long road ahead of us, but we’re confident that our characteristic tendencies in beer creation will fill a void amongst beer enthusiasts.

Our mission is to make, what we subjectively believe, is the best beers, while simultaneously staying true to our characteristic use of hops in every one them.

From time to time we do get the question, whether we are only going to focus on IPA’s.

The answer is simple; no, we are not! Our current beer the “Hop Men’s IPA” is just the start of it all. In fact… our heads might soon explode from all the ideas we’ve got for the future of this brewery. All we need to materialize these ideas is for Hop Bottle Brewery to grow a bit bigger… and for us to do that… we need you guys out there to raise your glasses and say cheers with one another!!




Jonas Rørdam Larsen - "The idea Joggler"


Beer maker, beer drinker, beer lover!


Starting this project was a natural evolutionary next step from years of enjoying and exploring craft beer.

With a background in sales and a PBA in innovation & entrepreneurship it is my responsibility to consistently bring forward new ideas on what beer to create next.

This project, Hop Bottle Brewery, is a playground where we aim to create great beer.

For me, a great beer is a beer in balance yet still full of flavour and aroma. Many ask me why IPA's and is that all you going to make?

To that, the answer is no. I love all types of beer (although not too big a fan of sour).


Some of the stuff I do:

- Brewing

- Trading level expert

- Developing

- Shooting new ideas

- Financial Wizard


Rick AJ Musters - "The Chemist"

Moved to DK in the summer of '12 to gain more knowledge about logistics and

Value Chain Management.

On top of that came new friendships and the absorption of a new culture.

By the time I had successfully finished my education, the Danish roots in me had

grown too deep and the decision to stay was not a difficult one anymore…

simultaneously the decision to follow a lifelong dream was taken!

With the needed training in craft beer drinking, all listed on Untappd and the

love and passion for food & beverages it had to go that way…

Hop Bottle Brewery was born!

What better way to live than when your hobby becomes your job!?


Some of the stuff I do:

- Designated driver

- Playing around on WWW

- Brewing

- Product development, but mostly tasting!

- Trading level expert




Hop Bottle Brewery, Svendsgade 10 DK-7100 Vejle, CVR: 38139932